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Microgate LinkGate Micromux multiple frequency receiver

Designed specifically for horse racing (trot and gallop) and
track (light athletics) races, it allows optimal management
of the intermediate times coming from the photocells or other
types of sensor positioned along the course connected to the
LINKGATE EncRadio MF transmitters.

The main features of this product are:

  • Automatic or manual management of the EncRadio activation
  • sequence (combined with any sensor).
  • Automatic blocking of a photocell (or other sensor) after the
  • first impulse has been taken.
  • Management of 8 photocells or sensors (on the single MicroMux).
  • Up to 4 MicroMuxes connected to each other for a total of 32 photocells.
  • Powered directly by the unit it is connected to (stopwatch, displayboard, etc.)


Weight 675g
Dimensions 200 x 140 x 50 mm (l x h x d)
temperature -25°C / +70°C
Radio frequency From 433.875 MHz to 434.650 MHz
Type of receiver Double superheterodyne PLL synthesizer
Reception mode FSK decodifying
Form of
communication Monodirectional RX
Number of channels 32 (with frequency step between the
25KHz channels)
Power supply 5 VDC, supplied directly from the stopwatch
Microprocessor 8-bit C-MOS microprocessor
Keyboard and controls:

  • DISABLE key to disable radio reception
  • MODE key to select Manual - Remote – Manual/Remote functioning
  • 8 RADIO CHANNEL keys to manually select a reception frequency


  • 5-pole nucletron connector: “RS232” for connection to stopwatch
  • 9-pole D Sub connector: “RS485” for connection to stopwatch
  • 6-pole amphenol connectors: “INPUT” and “OUTPUT” for tiling connection of up to 4 MicroMuxes
  • TNC connector: “ANTENNA” for connection to antenna



Microgate LinkGate Micromux multiple frequency receiver

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