Over ten years ago, Aaron and Anita Clarke identified a significant gap in the Australian and New Zealand timekeeping market.  With a keen interest in all things sport, it made perfect sense for them to start up a Melbourne-based business that specialised in providing technology and support to the sporting community.


Fast forward to today and Event Timing is now a staple in the timekeeping industry. Renown for providing a diverse range of products to suit every budget and delivering exceptional ongoing customer service.


Over the years, Aaron and Anita have seen some significant changes in the timekeeping space. It’s this experience and expertise that connects people with the right systems, offering timing solutions for any type of event.  Their breadth of knowledge enables them to answer any queries in a jargon-free manner, simplifying the decision-making process.


With a massive repertoire of events up their sleeves (12 years of supporting The Tour Down Under being one of them), nothing is off-limits. Aaron and Anita have built strong relationships with all of their suppliers both here and abroad. It’s these strong associations, stable connections and outstanding customer service that puts Event Timing at the top of the timekeeping industry.


Managing Director



Aaron is the Managing Director of Event Timing and on any given day you might find him meeting with organisers, assisting customers with product solutions and/or meeting with suppliers.


He’s extremely passionate about the timing industry and having been in the space for over a decade, offers a breadth of specialist knowledge.


In his spare time, you might catch him mountain biking or road cycling. After years of hard work, Aaron’s biggest career highlights include timing the Tour Down Under for 10+ years and purchasing the new Event Timing office in Cheltenham, Melbourne. A milestone every business owner would be proud of.


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