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Our Active System is used for numerous Long Distance Triathlons and World Triathlon Series races.
It provides 100% detection rates, highest precision and waterproofness of the transponder.
Installing Loop Boxes and Track Boxes around the course enables you to set up a large number of splits without additional decoders.

Two LoopBoxes are placed at the entrance and exit of the transition area to record all split times, including transitions.
All split detections are repeated wirelessly to the Active Extension recording the finish times. Live results are published online, grouping participants by their last split, to enable the public to follow their athlete.

The System at the start could be replaced with a USB Timing Box.

In RACE RESULT 12 use the "Triathlon" template, which offers you an additional swim check, the transition and the finish timing points.

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For mass participation triathlons, the passive system is a cost effective alternative. Athletes wear a HuTag at the ankle. This transponder is waterproof, reusable and offers a accuracy of 0.2 seconds. Still, water affects the detection quality. This needs to be considered during the hardware setup.

The HuTag needs to be worn on the ankle - above the swim suit! In our example here, all participants start from the beach. The timing system at the start is used to check who is currently in the water.
For the system on swim exit, make sure to keep away from water. Ideally, athletes need to run a few meters before passing the ground antenna. This helps to dry off the HuTag and improve read rates.
Please note you cannot use a 6m- or 8.4m-Extension with HuTags.

In RACE RESULT 12 use the "Triathlon" template, which offers you exactly these timing points and all necessary results.

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