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For a road race, the passive system with disposable transponders on the back of the bib is the perfect solution. If start and finish are at the same place, chip times can be taken. Otherwise you will record gun times (don't worry, a few hundred participants cross the start line within a few seconds anyway). Alternatively, you can also rent a second system for the start.

For a small race, one single Passive System is absolutely sufficient. Set it up at the finish line and connect it to a laptop to receive all finish times automatically and in real time without any additional effort.
In RACE RESULT 12, use the template "Standard Event". This template is the perfect starting point and may already bring all you need.

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The Track Box Passive is quick and easy to set up along the course where the density of participants is not too high.

The Track Box Passive combines the transponder read with the current GPS position and sends the data via SIM card to a defined server. It is seamlessly integrated into RACE RESULT 12 timing software where it is operated like a conventional timing system.

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The easy and fast setup of splits is a major benefit of the RACE RESULT Passive System. Combining the patented foldable ground antennas, decoders and our high-quality UHF transponders provides efficient workflows, highest detection rates and live results for all participants. This way, races of any size can be timed. The Vancouver Sun Run with more than 43,000 attendees uses a similar setup.

The marathon is timed at start and finish, and also at the 10K, 20K, half marathon, 30K, and 40K split points. A main and a backup system are used for the important start and finish times.
All systems are synchronized via the integrated GPS receiver. Split timing points upload the data using a SIM card and mobile network.
All detections are received on the finish line, and live results are published on, allowing the public to follow their racer.
In RACE RESULT 12, use the template "Major Event with Start+Splits+Finish". This template offers the basic principle of such an event outline. Amend the template according to your needs and the splits you offer.

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