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For Most Events, The Uncertainty Is The Worst Part

You're unsure if your event will go ahead or if a snap lock-down or sudden restriction will shut everything down again.

If you’ve had your event wiped off the calendar, you probably know what happens next - dealing with cancellations en masse, scrambling to refund or re-organise dates, negotiating with sponsors - along with other “damage control” jobs.

And the longer your event can’t run, the more sponsors drop off and participants move on, leaving your event nothing more than a pleasant but fading memory.

And the question event organisers around the world are asking: how do I hold my event when the rules can change at any moment?

For many, this little box has proven the answer.

Track Box: The New, Safe Way To Time Events

These timing boxes are made for the new style of races, fun runs, marathons, trail challenges, and other events that have become the “new normal”.

Set them up along the course to track split times for one day, several days, weeks, or even months. This means...


  1. Participants have plenty of time to get involved 

  2. You reduce the risk and need for people to cluster together

  3. You make your timing set-up simpler and faster

The RACE RESULT Track Box also help keep sponsors on-side by giving them new opportunities. Add signage near the boxes to give the sponsor maximum exposure for however long the event runs.

But most importantly, the Track Boxes - especially as part of a broad Remote Timing Solutions suite - helps an event get off the ground staying safe and compliant, while still keeping the enjoyment alive for everyone involved.



The Track Box can perform in the wild for months, thanks to an integrated UHF reader, LTE modem, battery, SIM, and GPS. You can even connect it to a solar panel for even longer running time.

Simple setup & Compact

Simply stake your Track Box into the ground or secure it to a pole for an elevated position, then switch it on - it’s that easy to prepare. Weighing only 1.7kg, you can carry and install these in the most remote locations. An automatic standby mode helps the Track Box save power during the night.


After years of research, development and engineering, the German-designed Track Box represents the leading-edge of timing technology without being unaffordable.


Activate the device with a single click of the button, and then we configure or manage through an online interface. It will now run remotely without any further operation, sending in data for anyone who passes by with a compatible bib number.

A Huge Success

"Lifestyle Communities are over 50s independent living communities located across Victoria. The health and wellbeing of our homeowners is always front of mind and we are constantly looking for initiatives to actively engage homeowners.


During the Covid-19 pandemic this has proven to be extremely difficult. Lifestyle Communities used the ‘remote timing’ services and products to hold a walkathon event in October 2020. This unique event was made possible by the portable track boxes that were used as the start/finish line of our courses. 


After the 3 day event a total of 8,462kms were walked and we also raised over $10,000 for the charity Beyond Blue. This COVID-safe event was a huge success and created a great competitive buzz around our communities. Homeowners are already looking forward to the next walkathon to see who will be crowned champion community of 2021."

Jon Robson

Sports and Experience Coordinator

Lifestyle Communities



With Track Boxes, Your Timing’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Tree Lined Path


Take your Track Boxes to where you want to track times along your course.



Install them at a 90° angle to the track with a direct line of sight. Secure the boxes to the ground using a stake or attach them to a pole for an elevated position. For long-term or semi-permanent points, you may want to install a solar panel for power.



Then back at the event HQ, can configure each box as you wish. Otherwise, the Track Box is ready to start capturing times!


Note: the Track Box is not designed for high-density groups. For this, we recommend the RACE RESULT Decoder,  another part of a larger Remote Timing Solutions set-up.

The Answer For Everyone At Your Event

Stadium Seats

Exactly what event organisers need

Set up your timing points before launching so you can track safely and in a way that meets with COVID restrictions. Once ready, your event can unfold over hours, days, weeks, or even months. Every competitor’s data is officially tracked and results published online.

Crossing the Finish Line

Perfect for participants

If your event doesn’t happen, it’s too easy for participants to forget about it. That makes it harder to attract them back the next time your event runs. With Remote Timing Solutions, your participants can still be part of something they love, compete when they want, and get an official time and rank.


The solution for sponsors

Keep your sponsors front and centre, even if your event can’t run in the usual way. Include their logos on signage near the timing points, on event bibs, and in the race package sent to each participant.

Timing Designed To Enable Today’s Events


Get in touch to find out how you can use Track Box technology to record event times in a safe, simple way that keeps your event at the front of everyone’s mind.


Flexible Timing For Any Event

The days of lugging 40 kilos of timing equipment to remote parts of the track or spending hours on setup are over. With the light-weight, portable technology of Track Boxes, you can add as many checkpoints or remote timing locations that you need, regardless of event type.

Tying Shoelaces


Bikers Going Downhill


Two Friends Biking


Dirt Bike


Remote Timing Solutions and Track Boxes: The Perfect Combo

You’ve seen it yourself: getting your event humming in terms of timing takes a lot of work, including…

  • Online registration

  • Bib & Number printing

  • Timing hardware, set up, and config

  • Real-time results

Since 2010, the team at Event Timing has been making this part of your event easier and less stressful. And while the technology has changed - such as the next-gen Track Box - our expertise with what works best for your event’s timing hasn’t.

Over the years we have supported many other events this way, and now with COVID, it's become more popular but also critical in some cases as travel is limited. RACE RESULT caught on to this remote service and have developed software and hardware to help, and continue to do so.

So, what does this mean?

  • It means we are highly skilled and set up for providing remote timing services.

  • We are ready to take on and deliver this at a large scale.

  • We are ready to take on new and diverse event formats which are COVID friendly.

We’re ready to do EVERYTHING to keep your event timing on-track. If that means sleepless nights to get every part of your timing set-up ready to go, we’re there. If that means scaling for bigger or smaller groups, we’re up for the challenge. And if it means you need us on-site, we’ll be there for you.

Constantly Pushing The Limits

With Event Timing as timing partner, Rocky Trail Entertainment has been able to constantly push the limits when it comes to timing new event formats. The hardware and software offers a huge range of flexibility and you can sense the passion of the team behind it with constant improvement of their software as well as a very good support structure. 
Martin Wisata, Co-Founder, Rocky Trail Entertainment


Perfect From The First Use

“Having an event with up to 200 competitors on course at any point in time, spread around a lap distance of 200km and a track footprint of up to 50,000 hectares, is a challenge. But this challenge was no issue for Event Timing and the RACE RESULT system.

Whilst Aaron from Event Timing has never actually been to the event, to fully understand and appreciate the real-world complexities, through several years of dialogue, and several equipment trials in recent years, and in conjunction with Event Timing, a system was selected to meet the events needs and create a timing and scoring solution that worked perfectly from its first use.”

If you would like to know more about the “Hardi 24 Hour Reliability Trial, please visit


Ben / Shaun / Shane

Organising Committee Members

24 Hour Trial



With Event Timing, Your Event Is In The Right Hands

Make your event safer, easier, and more memorable for everyone with Remote Timing Solutions.

Contact us for more details and to ask any questions you have.



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