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Microgate REI PRO Kit

Kit Rei Pro includes: 
Rei Pro chronometer  
Paper rolls for REI2 and REI PRO 
Battery charger for ReiPro  
USB Cable A+B 
Transport case 426x290x159mm ReiPro 
Power cord 1,8m 


Basic features
Weight    2.2 Kg
Dimensions (WxHxD)    365 x 245 x 78mm (78mm max, 30mm min)
Operating temperature    -30 ° C + 70 ° C
Time unit    selectable up to 1 / 10,000 of a second
Accuracy of time    1 / 50,000 of a second
Race memory    base 8 GB expandable up to 128 GB


Rei Pro is probably the most powerful professional stopwatch in the world ... find out why:


PERFORMANCE: Quad Core Arm9 CPU + FPGA dedicated to the Timing Unit.

HDMI OUT: Mirroring on external display and / or specific outputs.


TIMING I /O: 8 timing lines, 16 via radio, 80 via Linkpod, 3 serial lines, 3 analog inputs, 6 digital I / O.


OPERATING SYSTEM: Robustness and speed for an OS based on Linux for Embedded and Yocto Project.


LARGE TOUCH DISPLAY: Color TFT-LCD, 7 inches, capacitive touch, automatic brightness adjustment.


SETUP AND CONFIGURATIONS: Simplicity and portability from one machine to another.


WIRED AND WIRELESS: Connected with everything and everyone: USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, GPS ...


USER INTERFACE: A completely redesigned and simplified UI, respecting operational continuity for REI2 users


KEYBOARD: Keyboard with physical keys and flexible protective membrane cover


FAST AND QUIET PRINTER: No moving parts, up to 63 mm / s.

WIDE AUTONOMY: 7.4V, 13.4Ah (96 Wh) Li-ion battery.


FAST EDIT: A new and innovative way of correction.



Microgate REI PRO Kit

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