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FDS RCID kit + 30 Tag

Remote Control ID

Competitor identification


The competitor ID remote control RCID automates your training timing requirements by allowing competitors to self-identify themselves to our TBox and iOS app before they leave the start.

RCID can either be connected to a WIRC/WINP at the start gate, or directly to a TBox RS232 input.

The detected competitor ID is transmitted (via our TBox) to one of our iOS timing Apps, and also identify automatically the following time stamps received on the corresponding TBox input.



125khz compatible RFID technology


Compatible with our WIRC, WINP, Start Gate and TBox



RFID detection:                          125khz Standard badge
Operating temperature:        -20°C to 60°C

Battery charging possible between 0°C and 45°C
External Power Input:             USB compatible (5V +/- 5%) up to 1A
Autonomy @20°C:                    60 hours 
Dimension / weight:                125x80x40mm / 170gr


Used in conjuction with FDS Timing Kits

Demonstration VIDEO




Kits Included

  • 1x TCID Box
  • 30x Tag RFID
  • 1x Jack-Jack Cable (3m)

FDS RCID kit + 30 Tag

Excluding Sales Tax
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