VOLA Video-Finish-Pro 2D

The alignment, the sharpness, the framing : it's child's play

With the 2D mode you visualize the finish line as you see it.
It is easy to superimpose the finish line with the reticle of the camera.
We also integrated the live visualization of the 2D stream in Wifi on a smartphone.


Sensitivity to light is pushed to the extreme

High speed of passage, low light and correct mobile proportions are difficult to reconcile.
The Video-Finish-Pro has a video sensor with greatly increased sensitivity,
We added a movie stretch algorithm when recording.
This procedure reduces the acquisition speed by keeping the right proportion for mobiles


Improve post-production rendering of your film

Before or after recording, you can change the rendering of the film.
You can adjust the levels of red, green, blue, contrast and brightness.
Your film will best reflect your professionalism.


Connect the camera to the pc with only one cable

We selected USB 3 communication to connect the camera to the computer.
This type of connection allows:
- A rate of 5 Gbits / s, that is 5,000,000,000 characters 0 or 1 per second.
- Use a USB 3 optical fiber cable that is insensitive to electromagnetic interference.
- to install only one copper or fiber cable (up to 50m) to carry the power and video stream of the camera.


Use the motion detection

You can of course position your camera in continuous recording mode.
You also have the option to activate the recording:
- according to a change on the finish line (motion detection, passage of a mobile).
- by capturing a frame from a chronometer. In this case a sound can be associated with the event.


You are a professional

Vous voulez transmettre l'image du film d'arrivée à une régie TV.
C'est rapidement envoyé :
- Vous choisissiez la zone à transmettre,
- Vous validez la transmission du flux HDMI à la régie.
C'est parti.
You want to transmit the image of finish line to a TV regie room.
It is quickly sent:
- You select the zone to be transmitted,
- You confirm the transmission of the HDMI stream to the regie room.
You are done.


Use your Video-Finsih-Pro as a timing device

Synchronize your system at the time of day:
- in a traditional way with a pulse.
- with an event at the finish line.
- or not, if you are interested only in the order of passage.

You have filmed, you have identified the competitors, now you have to print the results.
This is no longer a problem, the camera behaves as a timer
Bib numbers and time of days are associated and transmitted automatically to the timing and scoring software.
You have the power of Vola-Pro timing and scoring software (i.e Msports-pro, Circuit-Pro, SkiAlp-Pro, etc...) to make the official results.


Limit the weight and volume to be transported

We wanted a small camera.
Why clutter, modern techniques densify the power.
Without lap-top, a Video-Finish-Pro system fits in a suitcase of 340x280x120mm, cable of 10m included.

The price will no longer be an obstacle

Pack includes:
The camera equipped with a f: 16mm lens and its protective case.
A license to use the Video-Finish-Pro software (to be downloaded)
A coded dongle (usb protection key).
A pulse synchronization cable.
A USB3 cable of 3m.
A fiber link of 10m.
A Wifi point.

VOLA Video-Finish-Pro 2D

Excluding Sales Tax