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VOLA Video-Finish-Pro 2D

Video-Finish-Pro 2D


  • 2D mode, you visualize the full finish line.
  • Sensitive video sensor for low light performance
  • Fine image adjustments
  • USB 3 communication to connect the camera to the computer
  • Motion Detection 
  • Accurate timebase
  • Data feed for third party applications


Pack includes:

Camera equipped with a f: 16mm lens

Protective case340x280x120mm

License to use the Video-Finish-Pro software (to be downloaded)

Coded dongle (usb protection key)

Impulse synchronization cable

USB3 cable of 3m

Fibre link of 10m

Wifi point




VOLA Video-Finish-Pro 2D

Excluding Sales Tax
6-8 week delivery - contact us for express options
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