Designed by professionals

Smart-Chrono is an intuitive app designed by sports timing professionals to manage your timing and results requirements for any Start-Finish race events. A fully functioning application to streamline and uplift your event by introduction of a reliable and innovative simple to use app.

Manage your competitions

– Create and configure new competitions in a few taps.
– Open, edit or remove existing competitions.
– Import / export all your data via Email or Bluetooth.

Competitors list

– Add, edit or remove competitors.
– Import list from other iPads or via Email.
– Export list by Email or Bluetooth.
– Convert your list to PDF and print.
– Create a start list for your competition.

Timing couldn’t be easier

– Select a competitor to start.
– Start timing from your iPad or TBox.
– Allocate penalties, edit results and correct errors at any time.

Results and ranking

– Smart and presentable results report.
– Simple correction of timing errors.
– Export to CSV file or PDF for printing.

TBox, for professional Timing

– Establish a Bluetooth connection with any TBox.
– Display your race data on external scoreboards.

– Memory backup of all time records.


– Post your race data and results online.
– Follow a live competition from our website.
– Select which data are displayed online.


Bluetooth connectivity

Smart-Chrono is specially design to works with the TBox consol.
Bluetooth can also be used to transfer race data between IOS devices.


Cost Effective Timing

Smart-Chrono is free to download and free to use under some restrictions.
Following the first installation, you will receive a 1 month free trial period with a full access to all functionalities.

To conserve this access after expiration of the trial period, a yearly subscription will be required.



Resolution:                                32 x 16 (RGB led)
Power Supply:                           12VDC – 24VDC
Operating temperature:          -20°c to 70°C
Average current (12V):             0.8A for red text / 2A for white text          
Dimensions / weight:               320x160x27mm / 800gr



Available on the App Store